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Pages from HR Law AU Masterclass Brochure







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Terminating an employee is always a complex process. With ongoing regulatory changes and the potential for severe legal and financial consequences, it is crucial for organisations to be well-equipped to handle these situations effectively. Properly managing terminations ensures a smoother process for everyone involved and fosters a more respectful experience for employees under significant stress.


This practical one-day workshop is designed to provide attendees with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct lawful terminations and redundancy processes. Participants will learn how to minimise the risk of costly legal claims, such as unfair dismissal, general protections claims for adverse action, breaches of awards or enterprise agreements, unlawful discrimination, and workers’ compensation claims.

By the end of this workshop, attendees will be prepared to navigate the complexities of terminations and redundancies with confidence, ensuring legal compliance and mitigating potential risks.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Differentiate between conduct-based and performance-based terminations, and assess whether a demotion qualifies as termination

  2. Identify and implement effective disciplinary and termination procedures, avoiding common pitfalls and liabilities, particularly concerning fixed-term and rolling contracts

  3. Understand the legal frameworks for handling unfair dismissal claims, including the distinction between employees and independent contractors, and the processes for submitting dismissal applications

  4. Define genuine redundancy, fulfill employer obligations during redundancy processes, and calculate redundancy and termination entitlements while minimising legal risks

  5. Navigate selection, redeployment, and termination processes, understand the differences between various types of termination, and comprehend the concepts of unfair and unlawful dismissal

  6. Gain insights from recent court decisions, trends in employee compensation rulings, and recent judicial rulings on termination cases to apply best practices in your own organisation

Pages from HR Law AU Masterclass Brochure
Pages from HR Law AU Masterclass Brochure







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22nd HR Law Masterclass Logo_White

One of the most difficult, time consuming and intense roles of an HR Practitioner is navigating performance complexities. HR teams deal with increasing Fair Work Commission intervention when managing performance, because of changes to laws, constant workplace change, and increasing awareness of rights.

Reliance on complex processes such as formal performance improvement plans doesn’t always have the desired outcomes. Even with the most sound and well intentioned performance improvement and disciplinary processes in place, the risk of legal action is still there. We will also workshop how to continue in the face of any claims or grievances made, with legal confidence.

This one-day workshop provides in-depth practical focus on how to manage most performance scenarios through meaningful, regular discussions and communication - helping you take practical approaches to unravelling the complexities of managing performance.

Key themes:


Addressing current problems with performance management

• Common workplace contributors to performance issues
• Investigating common legal claims & performance process related risks

People and process
• Management of the employment relationship
• Effective one-on-ones and feedback for improved performance

Applying effective communication styles
• Communication styles, and their impact on the workplace
• Aiding performance outcomes through the right communication styles

Having crucial conversations, and making the right decisions
• Crucial and effective conversations during the performance pathway
• Taking the right approach with employees

Performance processes in practice
• Avoiding complex & ineffective performance or disciplinary processes
• Minimising potential legal risks and consequences of a PIP

Having confidence around legal risks
• Using crucial conversations to avoid legal claims
• How to proceed in the face of legal claims or grievances

David Dilger Edge Legal (1).jpeg

David Dilger


Edge Legal

Rod Collinson Edge Legal photo .jpg

Rod Collinson


Edge Legal

David is a co-founder of Edge Legal. He has particular expertise in industrial relations and safety. David’s advice has a real practical edge to it drawn from experience in various senior executive management roles in the telecommunications, franchising and agriculture industries – even leading one organisation to a National Finalist and Joint State Winner of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) People Management Awards.

David fundamentally understands the IR system from an employer perspective, having been
the Chief Workplace Relations Officer of a peak Employer Organisation where he delivered
training to businesses on behalf of the Federal Government following the introduction of the
Fair Work Act. He has been instrumental in enterprise bargaining strategy, particularly in
organisations with workforces over 500 people and multiple Unions.

Rod is a co-founder of Edge Legal and has particular expertise in people management issues, industrial disputes and advocacy. Prior to Edge Legal, Rod was the group head of an Employment & Safety Group in a mid-tier firm for 10 years. He also previously worked in a top tier law firm and as a
Consultant providing on-site services in the mining industry. This complemented a background in workers compensation law.

HR Law AU Masterclass Brochure

   "I learned a lot from this workshop. David's comprehensive overview of the topic really helped to break down and identify the action/s required to deal with workplace issues."

 - Human Resources Coordinator, Australian         Rail Track Corporation

Facilitating both 

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